Sketch Bootcamp - 

Royal Talens Experience Centre

22 November 2019





When: 22 November

Where: Royal talens experience centre, Apeldoorn

Course: Quick sketch bootcamp

Cost: €150,- 

Classically trained teachers Anouk Bijsterbosch and Lydia Szubert teach how to create a well-constructed sketch that is filled with intent and information. The intense workshop connects the hand and mind to work more confidently together resulting in better drawings.

About the teachers

Anouk Bijserbosch and Lydia Szubert

Anouk and Lydia met in Italy whilst studying at the Florence Classical Academy of Art.  This academy is based off of the Repin Academy educational system which is the longest running art institutions that is still open to this date (250 years). Our teachings are based on structure, rules and logic.  We are both currently living in the Netherlands and wanted to bring this education to the Dutch people with our workshops. 

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Royal Talens Experience Centre

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